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Babolat Team 4 Ball Tube

Art.-Nr. 0092260136200000

Babolat Team 4 Ball Tube
8,95 €
7,95 €
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  • Description

    Babolat Team 4 Ball Tube

    Good performance pressurized ball at a fair price.

    The Babolat Team belongs to the most popular balls of French manufacturers and convinces due to its price / performance ratio.

    This ball has excellent playing characteristics as well as high durability and long life. The double Vulcanization and the high-performance felt ExtraFeelFelt make it particularly popular with competition and club players. As far as Price / performance ratio this ball has been in the top ten for a long while. The Babolat Team is approved by ITF, FFT, FIT and RFET.

    Get your Babolat Team 4X and get prepared for your next match!

    • A premium pressurized ball for players with high demands.
    • Excellent Price/performance ratio.
    • approved by ITF, FFT, FIT and RFET.
    • proven rubber mix and high quality felt.

    Product details
    Product Number 0092260136200000
    Product type Pressurized ball
    1st Colour yellow
    Features Swiss Tennis tournament balls
    ITF Approved
    Internal pressure balls
    Packing unit, sub-unit 4 PCS
    Packing unit 1 Can
    Unit Price 1,99 €/STCK.
    RRP 8,95 €