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MSV Hepta - Twist String Set 12m - White

Art.-Nr. 03550001331000

MSV Hepta - Twist String Set 12m - White
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6,95 €
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  • Description

    MSV Hepta - Twist String Set 12m - White

    a string for good twist and acceleration.

    Even the name lets one suspect a lot of twist. The MSV Hepta-Twist assures maximum spin from every stroke.

    If one needed proof that tennis strings belong to rocket science, then the Hepta-Twist from Mauve verify this. Alone the vision of the seven sided axial twisted Co-polyester string ought to make every felt ball rotate! straight after the strike there is no stopping! Among spin strings Tennis magazine rated the Hepta-Twist winner as far as acceleration. (10/2014)

    Tie knots in your opponents legs with the MSV Hepta-Twist 12m anthracite.

    • a spin string for maximum power, speed and twist.
    • High-Tech-Co-Polyester string.
    • seven sided twisted structure.
    • top rating on String forum de.
    • Best acceleration and tension stability in the Tennis Magazine spin string test (10/2014)

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    1 - 2 pcs from 3 pcs
    6,95 € 6,20 €
    Product details
    Product Number 03550001331000
    Product type String set
    1st Colour white
    Length (mm) 12000
    String construction Monofil
    Packing unit, sub-unit 12 METER
    Unit Price 0,58 €/METER
    RRP 7,90 €