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Signum Pro Xperience String Reel 200m - Neon Green

Art.-Nr. 02554402443000

Signum Pro Xperience String Reel 200m - Neon Green
99,00 €
84,95 €
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  • Description

    Signum Pro Xperience String Reel 200m - Neon Green

    Noticeably colourful and noticeably powerful!

    With the Signum Pro X-Perience you get a string which can above all be proud of itself. Power With the brilliant green design it is not only an eye-catcher but also exhibits true performance. It is highly elasticated and focused on providing enormous spin to the ball.

    At the same time you profit from ball acceleration, powerful hits are naturally your uppermost priority. important: You always maintain the best control and thus never allow the game to slip out of your grasp. At the same time your arm is effectively spared. The 200-metre roll now gives you an excellent reserve.

    Grab your Signum Pro X- Perience string now and raise your play to a higher standard!

    • Elastic co-polyester string.
    • High ball acceleration for powerful play.
    • Maximum spin with the best possible arm protection.

    Product details
    Product Number 02554402443000
    Product type String reel
    1st Colour neon green
    Brands color name leuchtgrün
    Length (mm) 200000
    String construction Monofil
    Packing unit 1 Rolle
    Packing unit, sub-unit 200 METER
    Unit Price 0,42 €/METER
    RRP 99,00 €