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Junior tennis rackets

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Junior Tennis Rackets for Kids

Kid’s tennis rackets ranging from 19 to 26 inches in length, are for sportsmen between 2 and 12 years old. As a general rule, the appropriate size racket length for your child is the distance from fingertip to ground when standing upright. Junior tennis rackets come in a wider variety of shapes, lengths, weights, materials, head sizes, thicknesses, and stringing patterns than anyone could have ever imagined forty years ago.

How to choose Junior Tennis Rackets

Making a choice amidst all of these options can be a real challenge, but the first step in narrowing down your choices is clear: you need to decide on the correct length, as a general principle, a junior should use as long a racket as he/she can comfortably handle. These junior tennis rackets will encourage the juniors to develop smooth strokes that utilize good weight transfer and larger muscles.

Too small a racket encourages excessive wrist and elbow action, which, in the long run, will harm both their strokes and arm. If a junior is just barely big enough for an adult racket, he's probably better off with a standard 27 racket than with an extra-long handle. Despite all of the recent advances in reducing the swing weight of extra-long racquets, they still tend to play heavier than shorter rackets of the same weight. Adult rackets come as light as 8 ounces, these days, but rackets lighter than 10 ounces start approaching too small a multiple of the weight of the ball. An average 12-year-old usually hits quite comfortably with a racket weighing 10-11 ounces strung. All the well known brands have their own Junior tennis rackets suitable for the juniors, so that they are comfortable and can play well without hurting their arms in the long run. So, it is best to be cautious while choosing the right racket for your young one.