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Wilson Tour All Court 3 Ball Tube

Art.-Nr. 0072300156600000

Wilson Tour All Court 3 Ball Tube
6,75 €
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  • Description

    Wilson Tour All Court 3 Ball Tube

    The premium ball among tennis balls

    The Premium ball for exclusive feeling stands out for itsâ ceuro;™ longevity and Nanoplay technology.

    The Tour All Court tennis ball from Wilson is especially suitable for good tennis players. it has a durable core and is bound in felt. This guarantees an exclusive playing feeling. Thanks to Nanoplay technology the ball is particularly durable and retains constant playing characteristics over a long period. Thanks to itsâ ieuro;™ Aquashield technology the ball is well protected from moisture and dampness.

    Get your Tour All Court tennis ball from Wilson and experience unique playing pleasure.

    • Suitable for professionals and very good players.
    • inner pressurized ball with durable core.
    • exclusive playing sensation due to felt covering.
    • Aquashield technology protects against wetness.

    Product details
    Product Number 0072300156600000
    Product type Pressurized ball
    Features ÖTV tournament balls
    ITF Approved
    Internal pressure balls
    Packing unit 1 Can
    Packing unit, sub-unit 3 PCS
    Unit Price 1,98 €/STCK.
    RRP 6,75 €